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Dining Room Menu

Join us in the Dining Room for our New Menu! Available from 11:00 to Close.

7 Days A Week Until January 2nd. Wednesday Through Sunday in January, February & March.

For reservations please call 705-738-5111


Soup of the Day $7

Ask about Today’s Delicious Selection!

Soup & Garden Wedge $12

Soup & Caesar Salad $14

Signature Garden Wedge $10

Crisp Iceberg Slivers, Carrot, Roma Tomato, Cucumber, Radish, Red Cabbage, House Vinaigrette

Add Cajun Chicken $5

Add Sautéed Shrimp & Mango Fresca $7

Parmesan Crisp Caesar $11

Romaine Hearts, Bacon Crisps, Gorgonzola, Croutons, House Garlic Vinaigrette, Parmesan Crisps, Lemon Wedge

Add Grilled Chicken $5

Mushroom Florentine $12

Sautéed Button Mushrooms, Baby Greens, Onion, Pepper, Garlic, Tomato Tarragon Sauce, Fontana Cheese, Garlic Sticks

Baked Brie & Berries $14

Aged Brie in Filo Pastry, Baked, Crostini’s, Sour Cherry Compote, Fresh Herbs

Coconut Shrimp & Cucumber Greens - $14

3 Pieces of Skewered Coconut Shrimp, Citrus Cucumber Greens, Sweet Chili Thai Dip.

6 Piece - $24*

Cherry Beer Braised Pork Belly Sliders $16

Citrus Arugula Greens, Mango Fresca, Natural Jus, Gorgonzola Garlic Buns

Taco Trio

Taco’s Include 3 Soft Flour Tortillas, Mango Fresca, Vegetable Slaw & House Drizzle

Cider Pork Brisket & Maple Bacon BBQ Drizzle $12

Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable $12

Cajun Chicken & Pistachio $14

Shredded Beef Brisket & Teriyaki Drizzle $14

Comfort Food


Margarita Flat-bread $13

Roma Tomato, Mozzarella, Citrus Arugula, Garlic, Pesto Oil

Mediterranean Vegetable Flat-bread $14

Onions, Zucchini, Peppers, Eggplant, Tomato Tarragon, Crumbled Goat Cheese, Piri Piri Drizzle

Maple Bacon Pork Belly Flat-bread $15

Caramelized Pork Belly, Maple Bacon BBQ Drizzle, Soft Brie, Caramelized Onion

Philly Cheese Brisket Flat-bread $15

Shredded Beef Brisket, Onion, Peppers, Maple Bacon BBQ Drizzle, Soft Mozzarella


Each of our Sirloin Burgers are Made In-House, Served on a Toasted Ciabatta Bun, with your choice of In-House Fresh Cut Fries, A Wedge Green Salad, or Soup of the Day.

Jalapeno & Onion $15

Crispy Fried Onion & Jalapenos

Wild Mushroom & Gorgonzola $17

Cremini & Button Mushrooms, Gorgonzola Cheese

Mango & Pork Belly $17

Caramelized Pork Belly, Mango Salsa Fresca

Philly Cheese Steak $17

Onion, Peppers, Beef Brisket, Fontana Cheese & Maple Bacon BBQ Drizzle

Build Your Own $14

Customize your burger to your liking, choose from the following toppings:

No-Charge Items - Tomato, Red Onion, Pickles & Lettuce

Items @ $1 Each - Bacon, Cheddar, Goat Cheese, Mango, Fresca, Mushrooms, Fontana Cheese, Garlic Aioli, Crispy Fried Jalapenos, Mozzarella Cheese, Sweet BBQ Sauce, Soft Brie Cheese, Pesto, Peppers


Each of sandwiches are served with your choice of In-House Fresh Cut Fries, A Wedge Green Salad, or Soup of the Day.

Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Wrap $14

Onion, Zucchini, Peppers, Eggplant, Pesto Oil, Goat Cheese, Citrus Greens, Tomato Tortilla

Beef Dip $15

Horseradish Dijon Shredded Beef Brisket, Garlic Hoagie, Onion Strings, Horseradish Mayo, Beef Jus

Blackened Chicken Brie & Cheddar $16

Toasted Gorgonzola Ciabatta, Roma Tomatoes, Citrus Greens, Maple Bacon BBQ Drizzle

Parmesan Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap $16

Our Signature Caesar, Garlic Parmesan Crispy Chicken, Tomato Tortilla


Wild Mushroom Cheese Cappelletti $22

Cremini & Button Mushrooms, Red Onion, Rose Sauce. Crumble Goat Cheese, Pesto Oil

Italian Sausage Ravioli Neapolitan $22

Tomato Tarragon Sauce, Gorgonzola Cream, Caramelized Pork Belly, Scallions

Fettuccini & Shrimp Alfredo $24

Shrimp, Red Onion, Peppers, Tomato Filets, Roasted Garlic. Alfredo Sauce, Chiffonade of Herbs

Baked Ziti Creole $28

Blackened Chicken, Shrimp, Red Onion, Green Peppers. Tomato Tarragon Sauce, Crumble Feta

The Pasta Bar - $16

Build your own pasta. Choose from a base of Cheese Capaletti, Ziti, Italian Sausage Ravioli or Fettuccini. Served with
garlic sticks and your choice of Tomato Tarragon Sauce, Alfredo Sauce or Rose Sauce.

Items @$1.50 - Tomato Filets, Red Onion, Cremini or Button Mushrooms, Roasted Garlic, Spinach, Pesto, Peppers, Scallions, Broccoli, Feta or Goat Cheese

Items @$4 - Shrimp,Braised Pork Belly, Beef Brisket, Chicken, Braised Pork Belly, Gorgonzola Cheese

Gourmet Entrées

Available after 5:00pm

Stuffed Eggplant $27

Grilled Baby Eggplant, Tomato Tarragon Sauce, Mediterranean Vegetables & Gorgonzola Over Vegetable Creole Risotto

Mediterranean Breast of Chicken $29

Ontario-Raised Grain-Fed Chicken Breast, Supreme of Chicken Pan Seared with Herb Provençale, Sun-dried Tomato, Sweet Onion, Kalamata Olives, Roast Garlic & Spinach. Finished with Chardonnay Mandarin Cream, Garlic Mashed Potato & Vegetables

Salmon Wellington $32

Filet of Salmon, Grilled Onion, Baby Greens, Mandarin Orange & Dill Cream Cheese Wrapped in Phyllo Pastry & Baked Golden Brown. Finished with Vegetable Rice Pilaf, Seasonal Vegetables & Mango Fresca

Apple & Fig Pork Tenderloin $30

Ontario- Raised Pork Tenderloin Pan Seared in Apple Fig Chutney & Herbs. Finished with Sweet Apple Cider, Garlic Mashed Potato & Seasonal Vegetables.

Rainbow Trout Meuniere $35*

Filets of Trout Seasoned & Seared in Sweet Onion, Capers, Wine & Lemon. Finished with Vegetable Rice Pilaf & Seasonal Vegetables

Bourbon Steak & Loaded Potato $39*

10oz New York Center Cut Striploin, Marinated, Broiled to Your Liking with Bourbon Glaze. Accompanied with Seasonal Vegetables and a 1lb Loaded Baked Potato filled with Herb Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Chopped Bacon, Scallions, Sour Cream & Maple Bacon BBQ Drizzle