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Course Rules & Policies

At Eganridge, we want your golf course experience to be unmatched in the area. We encourage all golfers to read the below rules & policies to help ensure a flawless experience at the course.

On The Course

  • Keep Carts a minimum of 30 Feet Away From Greens. Greens can be easily damaged by carts.
  • There is a strict maximum of 2 riders per cart, unless the 3rd rider is a very small child.
  • No Outside Alcohol - It's the law. Beverages for consumption on the course may be purchased from the Front Desk, or from the Beverage Cart when available.
  • Obey Staff Instructions at All Times.
  • Proper Golf Attire must be worn. – Not cutoffs or denim shorts, tube tops, or bathing suits. Sleeves are required for men. Closed-toed footwear must be worn unless they are golf-sandals.
  • Respect the grounds, fixtures, and golf carts. There is a zero-tolerance policy for abusive behavior and you are responsible for your any damage caused.
  • Violation of any of these rules may result in your immediate removal from the course. You will not be entitled to a refund in the event of being removed from the course.

Booking Tee Times & Reserving Carts

  • We strongly encourage you to book tee times in advance, either on our website or by calling the Front Desk.
  • We have a responsibility to maximize the accessibility of the course. If you are booking for less than 4 people, you may be paired up with another group or individual. You will only be informed of your pairings when checking in, shortly before your round.
  • Please do not book foursomes if there are not 4 people intending to golf. Repeated instances of this may result in you having to pay for the unused tee-times, and/or having your booking privileges revoked.
  • In the event that you are paired up with another group, you must play the round together. You cannot break up into smaller groups.
  • The Online Tee Sheet allows you to include carts with your tee time. Please note that even if carts are included in your reservation, they are not guaranteed.
  • Carts are allocated on a first-come first-served basis, based on tee time. Arriving substantially early to your tee time will not enable you to jump the allocation of carts on a day that we may be short.
  • If carts do not become available by 5 minutes before your tee off time, your options are:
    • Walking the Course
    • Offer the groups behind you the option of taking your tee time and walking.


  • Rainchecks are issued in the event of unexpected or unpredictable weather events that occur during your round.
  • Rainchecks are NOT provided for:
    • Slow Play or General Course Conditions
    • Situations when it is raining before the round even begins, or very obviously going to rain during the round.
    • Sun Showers or Light Drizzles.
    • For 9-hole players, if you have played more than 3 holes. For 18-hole players, if you have played more than 12 holes. If an 18-hole player has played more than 3, but less than 12, they will receive a raincheck for 9 holes.
  • Only 1 Raincheck is issued per “Order”/"Check" based on our Point-of-Sale System. If you are splitting the cost of golf or cart amongst multiple people, please be advised that only 1 member of the group would be able to obtain the raincheck / redeem for all of the players in the group.
  • Rainchecks are not transferrable or split-able.
  • Rainchecks expire at the end of the year they are issued in.


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